A risk-based approach to security challenges

Our Risk and Design team provides ‘traditional’ consultancy services from risk assessment, compliance with associated supporting policies and procedures, and design through to commissioning, as well as providing all necessary documentation to support the tender process. Working both with our own team as well as third-parties, we also make maximum use of the latest 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques used in modern construction projects.

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“The technical advice, project management and comprehensive risk analysis and support as well as the training, has provided us with a complete and comprehensive structure to the way we view and seek to improve the security of our building and associated assets.”

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providing end-to-end service excellence

Our Risk and Design team offer a range of services to support our end-to-end multi-site security system offering. We provide our clients with a single point of contact from initiation to completion of the project. This enables us to deliver compliant, operationally supporting, market leading and cost effective solutions.

What we offer

  1. Security Risk Assessment

    There are many factors that influence security including People, Process and Physical Security, all of which will impact the operational and commercial effectiveness of an organisation.

    Our Risk and Design team will conduct a preliminary Security Risk Assessment to enable us to create a security profile of your site.


    Once the security profile has been completed we create a ‘statement of needs’ document which is specific to your security requirements. We recommend solutions which minimise and manage any risk to an acceptable level.

  3. Security System Design

    We provide security drawings which show the specific locations and functions of your systems such as Access Control, Intruder Detection and CCTV systems located across your organisation.

  4. Data Protection for Security Systems

    We provide CCTV system assessments to ensure you comply with the 12 Guiding Principles of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice. Helping you navigate through the following legal requirements by government on organisations using CCTV:

    • CCTV system assessment

    • CCTV system registration

    • CCTV privacy impact assessment

    • CCTV signage

    • CCTV system compliance pack

  5. Security system services

    Our Risk and Design team offer detailed asset reporting providing you with a clear picture of your assets and their condition across your organisation. Having a detailed audit enables you to make informed decisions on the maintenance and replacement of your systems helping you to manage your budgets.

  6. Security system policy and procedures

    We can provide you with security system procedures and policies to ensure you meet any legal requirements and are complainant. Our policies include the following:

    • Data Transfer Policy

    • CCTV Subject Access Request

    • CCTV Data Transfer Register

    • Police CCTV Data Transfer Register

    • CCTV System Policy

    • Access Control System Policy

    • Intruder Detection System Policy

GDPR Services for Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We provide a range of services to help SMEs navigate the rules and regulations of GDPR policies, which include:

  • Data protection impact assessments

  • Data protection policy

  • Data protection privacy notice

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