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Evolution Retail provides and specialises in CCTV, Radio Frequency (RF), Acoustic-Magnetic (AM) and RFID technology for the retail sector. We offer a completely integrated portfolio of security services to all our customers, providing international coverage from product supply-only through to fully designed, installed and maintained site systems.

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“The experience and product knowledge of the Evolution Retail team, ensured we were able to reduce our losses on key product lines.”

Loss Prevention Manager

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The initial stage is to understand what your current issues are, where you are losing stock, are there any weak, or vulnerable areas on your premises? At Evolution Retail, we really get to know what your needs are and with 30+ years’ of experience in the retail sector, we are fully conversant with current and past methodologies, having experienced most shoplifting trends across the retail sector, from the cutting of security tags, to self-service till scamming: you the customer and we, Evolution Retail, want you to stay one step ahead of the shoplifter at all times.


Cost effective & creative solutions

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Once we are clear on where your losses are occurring, we will develop a creative and cost-effective solution to stop them - which will also be aesthetically viable and unobtrusive, never impacting on your customers pleasant shopping experience. Our motivation is to provide a firm focus on return on your investment.  

RFID technology

Evolution Retail work with a number of clients providing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which enables them to take an omnichannel approach to retail operations. RFID technology has a number of benefits for the retail sector providing the following benefits:

  • Asset tracking

  • Supply chain management

  • Stock management

  • Automated checkouts and cashless payments

  • Opportunities for interactive advertising

  • Security – providing access control and protection against theft by tracking items when in transit

RFID also has the added benefit of working with modern technologies, such as smartphones, apps, hand held scanners and computer systems. This state-of-the-art technology enables retailers to know exactly what stock they have and where it is, providing accurate and time sensitive information; this technology is very customer-focused and ensures efficiency across the entire supply chain.

Our suppliers

As an independent provider we work with and have direct links with a wide range of manufacturers all of whom provide the best security routes and products available in this sector. We are also a Tyco Value Added Reseller (VAR). 

Gripzo tablet and smartphone grips beating the shoplifters.

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